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57 Barrenjoey Drive_Ormeau Hills 

 9 房 6 衛 7 車位    |  (SOLD已售出 )

Is proud to present this magnificent Ormeau Hills property is without doubt, the pick of the entire suburb. Offering unprecedented luxury set on 7.5 acres (approx.) landscaped grounds sprawling over 2 separate residences, 2 large sheds and your own fresh water reservoir dam.
很自豪地介紹這個宏偉的Ormeau Hills物業毫無疑問是整個郊區的選擇。 在7.5英畝(約)的園景場地上提供前所未有的豪華設施,包括2個獨立的住宅,2個庫房和您自己的淡水水庫大壩。

Architecturally designed to the highest standards, no expense has been spared in the unparalleled design that merges the very best of entertainment with opulent living, overlooking tranquil greenery and ducks over still water.

Set in one of the most private settings, far from prying eyes, is surely the most rare of estates. As you meander through the electric gates, you are greeted with a picturesque setting of a grandiose home set amongst the green backdrop of nature. As they say in Feng Shui, having the hill behind your house and running water in front is most excellent fusion that one can hope for.

坐落在最私密的環境之一,遠離窺探的眼睛,肯定是最難得的莊園。 當你在電動大門中漫步時, 迎接你的是一個風景如畫的背景, 在大自然的綠色背景下的一個風景如畫的環境。當他們在風水學上說,在你的房子後面有山,並在前面有水流是最優秀的融合,人們可以期待。

The Grand Residence    第一棟住宅-大宅邸

Tailor-designed specifically for the landscape, this is one jaw dropping wonder of a home.
Boasting 4 luxurious bedrooms, facilitate this home, while the rest was intended to impress.


  • Approximately 700m2 of under roof space

  • 6-star double height master room, boasts a full dressing room and an spa bath gazing over the romantic gazebo and lake.

  • Lit stairs lead up and over a fish pond before reaching the grand entrance.

  • You are greeted with a classic executive office with carefully hand lain timber ornaments punctuating an air of authority.

  • For those who enjoys kicking back with a movie, there is a home theatre at your beckon.

  • The living is exaggerated with double storey atrium ceilings, with a mezzanine level overseeing the activities below.

  • State of the art, kitchen is centrally positioned for family gatherings.

  • As you move through the doors, this is where the fun begins. An avant-garde entertainment chamber would be an understatement. With beautiful staged high ceilings, glass louvre wall to floor windows maximizes the views. Slide open the Japanese style Shoji screen and merge two rooms into a full-blown ballroom. Centrally positioned is a full-scale bar to kick off the gatherings.

  • Large covered entertainment deck with barbeque facilities

  • Full ducted air conditioning as well as sensor-controlled temperature regulating windows.

  • Double lock up garage with purpose-built wine cellar

  • Underground water tank over 105,000 litres with full pump and full filtration system.

  • 屋頂下面約700平方米空間

  • 六星級雙人高級主人房,擁有一個完整的更衣室和一個水療浴缸,可以俯瞰浪漫的露臺和湖泊。

  • 在到達宏偉的入口之前,沿樓梯可至魚塘。

  • 迎接您的是一間經典的行政辦公室,裡面精心裝潢著手工製作的木料裝飾物,突顯出一種權威的氣氛。

  • 對於那些喜歡看電影的人來說,在你的召喚下有一個家庭影院。

  • 客廳是用誇張的雙層中庭天花板,夾層樓層監督下面的活動。

  • 最先進的廚房位於家庭聚會的中心位置。

  • 當你走進大門時,這就是樂趣的開始。一個前衛的娛樂室將是輕描淡寫。漂亮的高天花板,玻璃百葉窗的牆壁到地板窗戶最大限度地提高了視野。滑開日式幕布,將兩個房間合併成一個完整的宴會廳。位於市中心的是一個全面的酒吧,可以開始聚會。

  • 大型有蓋娛樂設施,配有燒烤設施

  • 全管道空調以及傳感器控制的溫度調節窗。

  • 雙鎖車庫與專門建造的酒窖

  • 地下水箱超過105,000升,配有全泵和全過濾系統。

The Secondary Residence – The Duplex   第二棟住宅 - 複合式

The original dwelling is in fantastic condition and also boasts high ceilings of a more traditional raked roof. Spreading over 350m2, this abode is easily split into a duplex, each with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living and a bathroom. Perfect as guest rooms, a rental, for extended family or even to operate a proper home business away from the main house.

原住宅條件優越,也擁有一個更傳統的傾斜屋頂高天花板。 這個住宅面積超過350平方米,很容易分成兩層,每間都有3間臥室,一間廚房,一間起居室和一間浴室。 完美的客房,租賃,為大房子甚至遠離主屋適當家庭企業的經營。

The Workshop Shed
On full concrete slab, fully lit and powered, triple bay shed is perfect for parking cars, machinery, play table tennis or turning into a nice man cave. It is well positioned away from any shade and as such has the full solar power panels on them.


庫房採用混凝土結構,完全照明和動力,,三開間是完美的停車場可停汽車,機械,打乒乓球。 它的位置很好, 遠離任何遮陽傘, 因此上面有完整的太陽能電池板。

The machine Shed
12mx12, 2 bay shed was once the workshop for wood working and has all the facilities that comes with it. Fully powered on concrete slabs, utilise it as a wood shed or storage, the uses are unlimited.


12MX12,另一間2開間庫房配置木工設備,並配備了所有設施,伴隨著它。充分供電的水泥板, 利用它作為一個木棚或存儲, 其用途是無限的。

       Extra features
This is where we list an assortment of extra facilities. There is many more not on this list and we would love to explore it with you.

  • There is potential for a third house to be build on this block

  • Easily facilitates a tennis court or a pool An external shower is already in place.

  • 2 septic tanks facilitate each house respectively.

  • Water filtration system for each dwelling in place.

  • Main entrance fish ponds have its own filter and reticulation system.

  • Full alarm and security system in place.

  • Auto-remote electric fence with intercom system.

  • Full ducted air conditioning, fans and ducted vacuum aid.

  • Lock up parking for up to 7 cars or 100 cars on the lawns.

  • Kitchen has both electric and gas stoves and walk-in-pantry.

  • A pump brings water from the dam to the top of the hill where it will irrigate the gardens flowing down the hill.

  • Pine, succulent and bamboo gardens already exist.

  • Sound system throughout the main house.

  • Outdoor pizza oven

  • Beautiful wedding gazebo overlooks the serene fresh water late. It was an actual wedding gazebo and perfect for wedding photos with the picturesque backdrop

  • 6kw of solar power recently installed.

       這就是我們列出的各種額外設施。還有更多的不在這個名單上, 我們很樂意與您探討。

  • 這個街區有可能建造第三棟房屋

  • 已經到位輕鬆地為網球場或游泳池提供便利外部淋浴。

  • 分別為每個房間提供便利兩個化糞池。

  • 每個住宅都有水過濾系統。

  • 正門魚塘有自己的過濾和網狀系統。

  • 完整的報警和安全系統到位。

  • 帶對講系統的自動遙控電子圍欄。

  • 全管道空調,風扇和管道真空輔助設備。

  • 在草坪上停車可停放多達7輛汽車或100輛汽車。

  • 廚房裏有電灶和煤氣灶,還有步入式餐具室。

  • 一個水泵把水從大壩帶到山頂, 在那裡它將灌溉從山上流淌下來的花園。

  • 已經存在松樹、多汁植物和竹園。

  • 整個主樓都有音響系統。

  • 戶外披薩烤箱。

  • 美麗的婚禮涼亭可以俯瞰寧靜的淡水。這是一個真正的婚禮露臺, 非常適合拍攝背景如畫的婚禮照片。

  • 最近安裝了6千瓦的太陽能。

       General Features  一般特色

  • Air conditioning          空調      

  • Alarm system       警報系統

  • Broadband        寬頻

  • Built-in wardrobes         內置衣櫃

  • Courtyard        庭院

  • Deck        甲板

  • Dishwasher         洗碗機

  • Ducted cooling     管道冷卻

  • Ducted heating     管道加熱

  • Floorboards       地板

  • Fully fenced       完全柵欄

  • Garage spaces: 7         車庫空間:7

  • Grey water system       灰水(淤泥)系統

  • Indoor spa     室內溫泉

  • Intercom      對講機

  • Land size: 3ha      土地面積:3公頃

  • Living areas: 6      居住面積:6

  • Outdoor entertaining area        戶外娛樂區

  • Remote garage     遙控車庫

  • Rumpus room       娛樂室

  • Secure parking       安全停車

  • Shed         棚子

  • Solar panels     太陽能板

  • Study        讀書室

  • Toilets: 5       廁所:5

  • Freestanding workshop - 108m2*      獨立式車間 - 108平方米* 

  • Machinery shed - 135m2*       機械棚 - 135平方米* 

       周邊環境 Surroundings:

  • Toogoolawa School --約車程 About by car 10分鐘

  • Livingstone Christian College--約車程 About by car 10 分鐘

  • Norfolk Village State School--約車程 About by car 13 分鐘

  • Ormeau State School--約車程 About by car 8 分鐘

  • Mother Teresa Primary School--約車程 About by car 11 分鐘

  • King's Christian College --約車程 About by car 12分鐘

  • Ormeau Woods State High School--約車程 About by car 10 分鐘

  • Pimpama State School--約車程 About by car 10分鐘

  • Rivermount College --約車程 About by car 16 分鐘


連絡人:Fang Ju Lin  (林芳如)

TEL:(AU)+61 412 720 036 


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WECHAT ID: jewel0088


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