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Everton Park

3 房 3 衛 2 車 聯排房屋  |   AU $ 598,000起

一個舒緩的避風港,一個私人保護區; 在本質上,為了更美好的生活的基礎,莫頓聯排別人從你進入的那一刻起迷人。 這些聯排別墅的設計完美無瑕,適合埃弗頓公園的壯麗景色。隨著一個特殊的景觀沉浸在歷史和自然點綴,這種優越的住宅小區是至高無上的家。

A soothing haven, a private sanctuary; and in essence, the foundation for a better life, Moreton Townhomes are captivating from the moment you enter. These townhomes have been designed to flawlessly fit in with the magnificent backdrop that is Everton Park. With an exceptional landscape immersed in history and embellished by nature, this superior residential community is the home of supremacy

每天早上醒來,讓我們美麗的自然風吹過你的家,當你走到你的家令人驚嘆的甲板或戶外游泳池放鬆工作前傾盆大雨。 我們的僻靜的水池是為一個平靜的度假,你可以放鬆的一天的擔憂,及實用的為你的孩子花掉一些精力充沛華麗的昆士蘭陽光。

Wake up every morning and let the beautiful natural breeze wash through

your home, while you walk onto your stunning deck or down to the outdoor

pool for a relaxing pre-work dip. Our secluded pool is made both for a

peaceful getaway where you can let go of the day’s worries, and a practical

haven for your children to burn some energy and make the most of the

gorgeous Queensland sunshine.


Each townhome features a private courtyard and deck that overlooks the

cleverly-designed masterplan to offer vibrant living at each doorstep.

室內設計特色中性精緻調色板由木材補充,讓居住者和每個房間訂制個性化大型瓷磚和牡蠣照明。 簡單高高的天花板形式提供了一種輝煌的感覺。

Interior design features a neutral refined colour palette complemented by timber,large ceramic tiles and oyster lighting allowing residents to customise and personalise each room. High ceilings and simplicity of form provide a sense of brilliance.


  • 總戶數:52戶​  (32 x 3 Bedroom & 20 x 4 Bedroom Townhomes  )

  • 物業管理費:AUD $ 49~56/week  (32間3房  20間4房)

  • A類房型 4房4衛 (面積:212~258m2)

  • B類房型 4房4衛 (面積:213~222m2)

  • C類房型 3房4衛 (面積:221~236m2)

  • D類房型 3房4衛 (面積:248~260m2)

  • E類房型 3房4衛 (面積:225~285m2)

  • F類房型 3房3衛 (面積:223m2)

  • 所有單位都有2個停車場


  • 52residences  (32 x 3 Bedroom & 20 x 4 Bedroom Townhomes  )

  • Bodycorp: AUD $49~56/WEEK

  • Type A 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom (from 212m2 - 258m2Residence)

  • Type B 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom (from 213m2 - 222m2Residence)

  • Type C 3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom (from 221m2 - 236m2Residence)

  • Type D 3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom (from 248m2 - 260m2Residence)

  • Type E 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom (from 225m2 - 285m2Residence)

  • Type F 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom (from 223m2Residence)

  • All units come with 2 Car Parks

Completion date:4th Quarter 2018


Everton Park State High School-約車程5分鐘

Stafford Shopping Centre-約車程9分鐘

Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital-約車程16分鐘

Brisbane Grammar School-約車程16分鐘

Everton Plaza & Homemaker Centre-約車程5分鐘

Brisbane CBD-約車程23分鐘

Everton Park State High School-約車5分鐘

Hillbrook Anglican College-約車6分鐘

Teralba Park-約車5分鐘

Mitchleton Train Station-約車8分鐘

Bunyaville Conservation Park-約車10分鐘

Brisbane Airport-約車19分鐘

連絡人:Fang Ju Lin

TEL:(AU)+61 412 720 036 


LINE ID: jewel930

WECHAT ID: jewel0088

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