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 Anzac Avenue_Rothwell QLD

佔地面積 30,869 平方米  |   AU $ contact agent jewel

The property enjoys a current return of $1,799,040. based on a 3% increase per annum for 2018 -2019 year. On that basis the yield is 5.14% on the purchase price of $35,000,000. This price is not negotiable I'm advised. The only outgoing paid by the vendor is Land Tax - $73,000 in 2017. Clauses 18 - 18.8 in the Lease  whereby the Tenant( Bunnings ) must respond within 14 days if they wish to equal / offer more than what the Landlord has been offered.


目前該物業的回報為1,799,040美元。 基於2018 - 2019年每年增長3%的基礎。 在此基礎上,收購價格為35,000,000美元,收益率為5.14%。 我建議這個價格不可協商。  賣方支付的唯一是2017年的土地稅 - 73,000美元。租約中的18 - 18.8條,租客是(Bunnings)必須在14天內回复,如果他們希望平等/提供超過房東提供的金額。

The current tenant is Bunnings Group, trading as Bunnings Warehouse, is an international household hardware chain. The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Bunning’s annual revenue is around $11.6B. Westfarmers has a annual revenue of $68.44B. The Property was purpose built for Bunnings Warehouse commencing on 30/04/2009 until 30/04/2039. (20 Years, 7 Months Remaining).

目前的租戶是Bunnings Group,經營Bunnings Warehouse,是一家國際家居五金連鎖店。 該連鎖店自1994年以來一直由Wesfarmers擁有,並在澳大利亞,新西蘭,英國和愛爾蘭設有分店。 邦寧的年收入約為116億美元。 Westfarmers的年收入為68.44億美元。 該物業是為Bunnings倉庫建造的,從2009年4月30日開始至2009年4月30日。 (20年,7個月剩餘)。

      Commercial land for sale

  • Land area: 30,869 square meters

  • Location: Anzac Avenue, Rothwell QLD

  • Current tenant: Bunnings Group: Ware house

  • Rent: AUD$$1,799,040.

  • Rent adjustment: 3% for 2018 -2019.

       Price: Please contact Jewel Lin ....


  • 土地面積:30,869 平方米

  • 地點: Anzac Avenue, Rothwell QLD

  • 目前租客: Bunnings Group: Ware house 

  • 租金: 澳元$$1,799,040. 

  • 租金調整:每年跳漲 3% for 2018 -2019.

      售價:請聯繫 Jewel Lin ....​




聯絡人:Fang Ju Lin(林芳如)

TEL:(AU)+61 412 720 036 


LINE ID: jewel930

WECHAT ID: jewel0088



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