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購物中心 佔地12,410 平方米

建築面積 49,457平方米 657 車   |   AU $ 諮詢代理

5 km to Ipswich city centre and 35 km to Brisbane city centre


Investment highlights:

  • Excellent performance WOOLWORTHS supermarket

  • The only high order retail center in the trade zone

  • Overview of the security income from the main tenant

  • Diverse and powerful merchant portfolio

  • Large area, more land available

  • Adjacent to Australia's largest Royal Air Force Base


  • 業績優異的WOOLWORTHS超市

  • 貿易區內唯一的高訂單量零售中心

  • 來自主承租戶安全收入概況

  • 多元強大的商戶組合

  • 佔地面積大,可用土地多

  • 毗鄰澳洲最大皇家空軍基地

The city of Ipswich is located on the Western Corridor Belt identified by the Southeast Queensland Regional Development Plan 2009-2031. Today, the Western Corridor is growing strongly and is expected to face rapid growth in residential demand in the future, with approximately 118,000 additional homes between 2006 and 2031.


The mall has the only Woolworths or Coles in the 41,600 residents' trade zone. The population of major trading areas is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.8% and reach 72,400 in 2031. This population growth has driven demand and is conducive to the development of relevant retail industries in the future trade zone.

Ipswich市位于“東南昆士蘭地區發展計劃2009-2031”確定的西部走廊帶上。 如今,西部走廊增長强勁,預計在未來將會面臨住宅需求的快速增長,在2006年至2031年約可容納118000套附加住宅。



Agent 連絡人:林芳如(Fang Ju Lin)

TEL:(AU)+61 412 720 036 


LINE ID: jewel930

WECHAT ID: jewel0088


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