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30-year-old brand name Hong Kong-style roast meat

30年的老字號  港式燒臘餐

Stabilize the source of the customer, personally teach

穩定客源 ,親自傳授

Our store owner, the eye of the torch, is one of the stores in the Gold Coast that manages the delicious and authentic Hong Kong-style roast meat business. Nowadays, the two stores are excellent in their customers and reputation.



Noodle storefront Hong Kong-style roast meat shop, small outdoor dining area outside the store, very convenient location, walking distance to a number of banks is financially important, 5 minutes walk to the Australian Fair Shopping Center (Australia Fair Shopping Center). In addition to providing fresh and delicious original Hong Kong-style roast pork and Hong Kong-style noodles, the restaurant also introduces fresh and delicious side dishes to meet the needs of different groups of people. There are plenty of parking spaces in the nearby shopping malls, supermarkets and businesses are crowded, and crowds are crowded. The price of the meal is cheap and the value for money is good, satisfying the hobby taste buds that need more Hong Kong-style cuisine!

Noodle店面港式燒臘店, 店外還配有的小型戶外用餐區,地理位置非常便利,步行就可到多家銀行是金融重要地,步行5分鐘就到購物商場(Australia Fair Shopping Center)。除了提供新鮮好吃的原汁原味港式燒臘飯類和港式麵類,店內還推出了新鮮好吃的配菜小食,滿足不同人群的需求。附近購物商場內停車位充足,超市及商家林立,人流密集。餐點價格便宜,物超所值,滿足需多愛好港式料理的饕客味蕾!

As the Central Business Center of the Gold Coast, Nangang has the highest growth rate, capital investment growth rate and working growth rate of the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is the host city of the Commonwealth Games in 2018. The city government has invested 2 billion in infrastructure projects in the South Bank, including the preparation of the second phase of the light rail system, the upgrade of Chinatown and Harbour Park, and Gerry. The expansion of the University of Fez, this is undoubtedly good news for the Nangang District (CBD). The completion of the infrastructure will create a large number of jobs, driving regional economy and regional population growth.


Southport is just north of Surfers Paradise and is considered the central business district of the Gold Coast. It is home to Sea World and some of the world's most prestigious luxury hotels. Southport overlooks Broadwater and the Southport Spit, which separates Broadwater from the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful parkland that stretches along the sandpit provides a great picnic area and trails along the water's edge. For those eager to explore, Broadwater also offers a range of water sports.

Southport's Marina Mirage and Australia Fair Shopping Centre offer a thrilling shopping experience with a variety of trendy coffee shops and restaurants.

南港(Southport)就在滑浪者天堂(Surfers Paradise)北邊,並被認為是黃金海岸(Gold Coast)的中心商業區。 它是海洋世界(Sea World)以及一些世界知名奢華酒店的所在地。 南港(Southport)眺望著布羅德沃特(Broadwater)以及南港沙嘴(Southport Spit)這條分隔布羅德沃特(Broadwater)和太平洋(Pacific Ocean)的長沙洲。 順著沙嘴延伸的美麗公園地提供了絕佳的野餐區和沿著水岸的步道。 對於渴望探險的人,布羅德沃特(Broadwater)也提供了一系列的水上運動。

南港(Southport)的碼頭幻境(Marina Mirage)和澳洲市集購物中心(Australia Fair Shopping Centre)提供精彩萬分的購物體驗,並有各色時尚咖啡店及餐廳。

聯絡人:Fang Ju Lin(林芳如)

TEL:(AU)+61 412 720 036 


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