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140 Meiers Road Indooroopilly_QLD 4068

Residential Land 住宅用地|  AU $880,000

一個難得的機會,布里斯班最期待的以確保一塊土地釋放- 長袖莊園。 坐落於布里斯班河,Indooroopilly高爾夫俱樂部和布里斯班的最好的專屬豪宅的環繞,優美和久負盛名的位置。

A rare opportunity to secure a piece of Brisbane's most anticipated land release - Long Pocket Estate. Set in an exclusive, elevated and prestigious position surrounded by the Brisbane River, Indooroopilly Golf Club and Brisbane's finest luxury homes.

  • 選擇從491平方米到840平方米不等的家庭住宅

  • 寬闊的正面和極佳的尺寸

  • 附近的聖彼得路德學院,鐵邊學校集水區

  • 被布里斯班河和Indooroopilly高爾夫球場所環繞

  • 寧靜私密的環境,安靜而獨特的氛圍創建適合您理想家庭生活方式的完美家庭

  • 距離中央商務區約七公里,有快速城市交通選擇

  • 被Indooroopilly最好的豪華住宅所環繞

  • 只需幾分鐘即可抵達昆士蘭大學Indooroopilly購物中心

  • Selection of home lots ranging from 491sqm to 840sqm

  • Level land with wide frontages and excellent dimensions

  • Nearby St Peters Lutheran College, Ironside School catchment

  • Surrounded by the Brisbane River and Indooroopilly Golf Course

  • Peaceful and private setting in a quiet and exclusive locale

  • Create your perfect home suited to your ideal family lifestyle

  • Approx seven kilometres from CBD with express city transport options 

  • Surrounded by Indooroopilly's finest luxury homes

  • Only minutes to Indooroopilly Shopping, University of Queensland


Indooroopilly is a district in western Brisbane, just 7km from Brisbane's city centre. The area covers approximately 7.5 square kilometers. The results of the 2011 census show that the total population is about 11,000.

Moggill Road是Indooroopilly主要幹道,連接Indooroopilly和Indooroopilly,取道Coronation Drive(內線)、Chapel Hillhe Kenmore(外線)可至市區。Western Freeway也經過該區,因而Indooroopilly交通還算比較發達。Indooroopilly購物中心旁有公交樞紐,Brisbane Transport經營的公交直達市中心、大學和其他西部城區。Indooroopilly火車站有固定班次直達布里斯班市中心、Ipswich、Richlands和Caboolture。

Moggill Road is the main street corridor of Indooroopilly. It connects Indooroopilly and Indooroopilly. It is accessible via the Crown Drive (inside) and Chapel Hillhe Kenmore (outside). Western Freeway also passed the area, so Indooroopilly traffic is fairly well developed. There is a public transportation hub next to the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and buses run by Brisbane Transport provide direct access to the city centre, universities and other western urban areas. Indooroopilly train station has regular services to Brisbane city centre, Ipswich, Richlands and Caboolture.

購物中心和火車站之間Station Road沿線以及火車站東面都有餐館飯店,Indooroopilly有兩個電影區,Coonan Street有Eldorado電影區,Indooroopilly購物中心裡有Event Cinema Megaplex。Indooroopilly州立高中也位於這個區。

There are restaurants and restaurants along the Station Road between the shopping center and the train station, and in the east of the train station. There are two movie areas in Indooroopilly, the Eldorado movie area in Coonan Street, and Event Cinema Megaplex in the Indooroopilly shopping center. Indooroopilly State High School is also located in this area.

Indooroopilly 部分是購物的天堂,部分是綠樹成蔭的住宅區,它是亞熱帶的郊區,適合學生、專業人士以及任何喜愛炎熱天氣在樹蔭下休閒的人。

Indooroopilly is part of a shopping paradise. Part of it is a tree-lined residential area. It is a subtropical suburb, suitable for students, professionals and anyone who enjoys the hot weather in the shade.


Ironside State School-約車程5分鐘

Holy Family Primary School-約車程5分鐘

Brigidine College-約車程5分鐘

St Sebastian's Primary School-約車程21分鐘

St Peter's Lutheran College-約車程7分鐘
Indooroopilly State High School-約車程5分鐘
Tennyson Special School-約車程16分鐘
Graceville State School-約車程10分鐘
Brisbane CBD-約車17分鐘
Brisbane Airport-約車29分鐘

St Lucia Golf Links-約車程5分鐘

Princess Alexandra Hospital-約車20分鐘

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