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簽合約之前 必須知道的7件事
7 things you must ask your bulider before signing a contract

簽合同前需問建築商的 7 件事讓我們教你如何鑒別專業建築商

7 things to ask the builder before signing the contract let us teach you how to identify professional builders



  • 你的建商擁有本州合法建築執照嗎?

  • 他們擁有足夠專業與技術來承擔擬建項目嗎?

The first things you should determine are:

  • Is your builder allowed to build in the state?

  • Do they have the skills and experience to undertake the proposed project?



This is particularly true if you plan on building in a difficult location or your design requires special construction skills.

  1. 這家建商是正確選擇嗎? 建商有無註冊?

Is this construction business the right choice?Is the builder registered?

選擇建商最重要的事是檢查對方有無註冊 State Construction 州建設局,因為州建設局的建築賠償計劃會保障你的房子未來 6 年的缺陷修補。你可聯絡 Local State Building Authority 當地國家建築局或上網查詢建商的註冊卡。

The  most  important  thing  to  remember  when  selecting  your  builder  is  that  they  must  be  registered  with  the  appropriate  State  Building  Authority  in  the  state  construction  is  to  take  place.  It  is  vital  that  the  builder  is  registered,  as  this  will  provide  protectionunder  the  State’s  Building  Indemnity  Scheme  that  insures  your  home  against  major  defects  for  six  years.


建築設計與風格   Types of Building Style and Design

專業建商可照設計圖建設任何房型,也可從現有房型圖上提供修改建議與合併各種設計元素。許多建商擁有專屬建築風格,你可多查詢 & 找到你中意的建商建築風格。建案房是大多數澳洲家庭的選項,如果你不喜歡現成的房型,你需聯絡自訂建商或者建案經理。多觀察建商過去的完工項目,這可幫助你找到你中意的建商建築風格。

A  builder  should  be  able  to  work  to  the  style  and  design  of  your  home.  They  should  also  be  able  to  advise  you  on  ways  to  incorporatevarious  elements  into  your  home  so  that  it  matches  the  existing  style.  Many  builders  specialize  in  a  particular  style  so  it  may  be  worth  searching  for  one  that  can  build  exactly  what  you  are  looking  for.  If  you  are  not  sure  what  it  is  that  you  are  after,a  builder  should  be  able  to  assist  you  with  some  options.

Project  homes  are  a  common  choice  for  many  Australian  families.  If  your  site  is  not  suitable  or  you  want  to  have  more  individuality  you  may  have  to  choose  a  custom  builder  or  project  manager. 

Takea  look  at  some  of  the  builder’s  past  projects,  this  will  allow  you  to  see  if  the  builder  can  work  to  your  style  and  specification.  Ask  for  references  and  visit  sites  in  person  if  possible.  Past  clients  may  be  willing  to  share  their  experience.


確認建商有無投保  Check  the  builder  holds  the  correct  insurances


Check  the  builderholds  the  correct insurances, including  Home  Building  Insurance,  Public  Liability  Insurance  and  Worker’s  Compensation.  Ask  to  see  the  certificates  of  insurance.  Should  there  be  a  claim  against  the  builder  coverage  will  ensure  your  project  is  not  affected.


有無在預定地施工?  Do  you  work  in  the  area  I  plan  to  build?


Ask  your  builder  if  they  do  work  in  your  proposed  area,  if  they  don’t  they  may  have  to  source  alternative,  untested  supervisors  and  subcontractors  which  maylead  to  substandard  work.

   2. 檢查建商的合格證書   Check  your  builders  credentials


目前建商手頭有幾個施工建案?  How  many  properties  do  you  currently  have  under  construction?


This  will  give  you  an  indication  of  the  size  of  the  company.  Whether  they  are  a  small  builder  or  a  larger  project  style  construction  company.  A  company  with  a  full  book  of  current  projects  may  be  viewed  as  an  indication  of  trust,  they  are  reliable  and  the  work  is  in  high  demand.  However,  ensure  they  have  the  capacity  to  manage  your  project  professionally.

建商曾經宣布過破產嗎?   Have  you  ever  been  declared  bankrupt?


A  builder  who  has  gone  bankrupt  in  the  past  may  end  up  doing  so  again  in  the  future.  Itis  important  to  ensure  your  project  is  completed  and  avoid  delays  if  your  builder  becomes  insolvent  while  your  project  is  under  construction.


建商有過建案糾紛嗎?  Do  they  have  any  past  or  current  building  disputes?


Find  out  whether  the  builder  has  any  current  or  past  building  disputes  with  the  relevant  Building  Authority  in  your  State.  This  will  give  you  an  idea  about  the  builder’s  general  reliability  and  professionalism  as  well  as  the  overall  quality  of  their  work.

建商擁有幾年工作經驗?  How  long  have  theybeen  in  business?


查出建商的成立年度,有無繼續使用同樣建商名。改過名的建商在過去也許有出過工作上的問題。澳洲建商公司的平均年齡約 4 年或以下。公司齡多於 4 年的通常為可信任的成功建商。

Find  out  how  long  the  builder  you  are  considering  has  existed  and  whether  it  has  always  traded  under  the  same  name.  A  builder  that  has  changed  names  may  be  a  sign  of  past  problems  they  wish  to  avoid.  The  average  life  of  a  building  company  in  Australia  is  less  than  four  years.  A  builder  who  has  been  trading  for  more  than  fouryears  is  usually  the  sign  of  a  company  with  a  good  business  profile  and  who  has  been  successful  to  date. 


   3. 我該如何跟建商溝通  How can I communicate with the builder?


開工後,你要如何跟建商溝通?  How  will  you  communicate  with  your  builder  once  the  job  starts?

自己建房或許是人生中最備感壓力的一段時間,為了避免興建過程中的種種不如意, 你必需確保在簽合同前,跟建商之間已有明確溝通。

Building  a  home  can  be  one  of  the  most  stressful  times  inaperson’s  life.  It  can  be  a  difficult  time  if  the  project  does  not  progress  as  expected.  You  will  be  in  a  business  relationship  with  your  builder  and  you  must  have  a  clear  line  of  communicationdefined  before  you  enter  into  a  contract.


建商擁有一套系統可定期跟你彙報進度嗎?  Does  the  builder  have  systems  in  place  to  keep  you  informed?


During  the  planning  and  construction  of  a  home  there  will  be  many  questions  to  be  answered  and  decisions  made.  A  regular  steady  flow  of  information  between  you  and  the  builder  will  help  ease  the  process.Does  the  builder  schedule  regular  onsite  meetings,  allowing  you  to  view  the  work  progress  and  to  discuss  any  construction  issues  that  may  arise  from  time  to  time?Does  the  builder  have  reporting  systems  in  place  to  keep  you  informed,  advise  you  of  any  issues  as  they  arise  or  to  seek  your  input  on  building  decisions.

   4. 所有事情都確認過了嗎?   What  should  the  Building  Contract  Include?


A  building  contract  must  thoroughly  specify  the  work  to  be  completed,  along  with  the  following?

  • 開始與完工日期

  • 屋主的姓名與建商的執照號碼

  • 描述應施工內容,諸如計畫與規格,和特殊施工要求

  • 必要的保險

  • 合同價格

  • 明確的冷卻期聲明

  • 你已閱讀並了解客戶建造指南

  • 項目清單和警告注意事項

  • 屋主需閱讀合同並了解每一細節

  • 清楚標示主要成本或暫定金額,和建商保證金

  • 進度付款概述

  • 所有工作將遵守澳大利亞建築規範以及法律要求的其他標準條款

  • 合同將於最後一方簽署後,並於另一方也被明確通知後開始生效。註明:這是合同日期,不是項目開始施工日期。

  • The commencement and completion date of the project should be clearly stated or easily able to be worked out

  • Y our name as the home buyer and the contractor’s license number should be included

  • A description of all the work to be carried out during the building process, including plans, specifications, and any particular requirements that you may have

  • The necessary insurances

  • The contract price

  • A clearly stated cooling off period

  • The Consumer Building Guide which you must read and acknowledge

  • A checklist of items and a caution about signing the contract if you can’t tick yes to all items

  • A place for the buyer to acknowledge that they have read and understood everything in relation to the contract

  • Prime Cost or Provisional Sum items are clearly stated, along with the builder’s margin to be applied

  • Progress payments are outlined

  • A clause that states that all work will comply with the Building Code of Australia as well as the other standards required by law

  • That the contract begins on the day when the last party signs the contract and the other party is made aware of this signing – this is the contract date and should not be confused with the starting date for the project.

選擇與時間表  Selections  and  Schedules

你收到的初始報價通常為基本房型圖設計,僅使用基本建材與配件。如果你打算自訂  房型圖,你將跟建商的顧問討論與選擇你中意的建材、配件與裝飾物。所有額外建材、配件與裝飾物價格將加進合同報價裡。不管你是選擇基本房型圖或是自訂房型圖,請在簽署合同前再次確認你所選擇的選項(水龍頭、浴缸、磁磚等...)。

The  initial  quote  you  received  was  most  likely  for  a  specific  home  design  built  with  basic  materials  and  fittings.  If  you  are  building  a  Project  home  you  will  have  the  opportunity  to  specify  some  ofthe  materials,  fittings  and  fixtures  with  their  Colour  Consultants.  However,  you  should  be  aware  that  the  initial  quote  you  received  may  have  been  for  a  basic  package  and  that  any  materials  or  fixtures  that  you  specify  above  the  basic  package  may  add  to  the  contract  price.  Whether  you  are  building  a  Project  home  or  a  Custom  Built  home  wherever  possiblehave  all  your  selections  (taps,  baths,  tiles.etc.)  detailed  in  the  contract  price  before  you  sign.  


平面圖和規格  Drawings  and  specifications

建商會依照平面圖的測量與硬體內容指示建造。如果你對於合同內容有任何疑問,你也許需考慮娉請專業建築師提供建議。重點 — 優先順序為:合同 - 規格 - 計畫。

The  Drawings  are  the  builder’s  instructions  about  the  measurements  and  features  of  the  property  being  constructed.The  Specifications  are  the  agreed  instructions  about  the  materialsand  building  methods  to  be  used  to  construct  the  house.If  you  have  any  concerns  about  this  part  of  the  contract,  you  mayneed  to  consider  employing  an  Architect  to  provide  you  some  advice.Important  –The  Order  of  precedence  is:  Contract  –Specifications–Plans.

   5. 合同正確嗎?  Is the contract correct?



Have  you  read,  checked  and  understood  all  of  the  contract  documents  thoroughly?

使用認可表格填寫建案合同,譬如房屋業協會  Master  Builders’  Association  出版的表格。如果有不明白意思的地方,請諮詢專家或法律,確保你明白所有合同義務, 你的建商同上。如果你有任何不滿部分,請別簽署合同。如果合同有任何想修改部分, 請在這階段實行。

Insist  on  the  use  of  a  recognized  form  of  building  contract,  such  as  those  published  by  the  Housing  Industry  Association  or  the  Master  Builders’  Association.  If  you  don’t  understand  any  part  of  the  documents,  ask  questions  and  seek  your  own  expert  or  legal  advice.  Make  sure  that  you  understand  what  your  contractual  obligations  are,  as  well  as  your  builder’s.  If  you  are  not  happy,  don’t  sign.  If  you  want  anythingchanged,  this  is  the  time  to  do  it.


施工分期付款  Progress  Payments

  • 合同是否要求在各個建設階段支付進度分期付款?

  • 每個施工階段是否必需完成所要求的工作?

  • 條款是否令你和貸款方滿意?

  • Does  the  contract  require  the  release  of  progress  payments  at  various  stages  of  construction?  

  • Is  the  work  to  be  completed  for  each  stage  specified?  

  • Are  the  terms  satisfactory  to  you  and  to  your  finance  provider? 



When  a  builder  issues  a  Progress  Payment  Request,  make  sure  the  specified  work  has  been  completed  and  verified.  Should  you  make  a  payment  ahead  of  a  stage  completion  you  may  compromise  your  insurance  coverage.


建案的維護期是多久?  How  long  is  the  buildingmaintenanceperiod?

交屋後,建商將提供必要的建築保養。就像產品保固期。住宅項目通常為 6 個月保固。

This  is  the  period  of  time  after  your  propertyis  handed  over,  that  the  builder  will  performany  necessarybuilding  maintenance.  This  is  similar  to  a  warranty  period.  For  residential  properties  this  is  typically  six  months.

支付款項  Paying  deposits

住宅施工合同需投保住宅保險方案,建商可要求你預先支付約 5%的總合同價格。不要事先支付任何預付款,直到建商提供你你的住宅國內建築保險證書。這個保險將保護你免於建商無力償債或無法興建你的住宅。

For  home  building  contacts  with  work  to  be  covered  by  a  home  building  insurance  scheme,  the  builder  can  ask  you  to  pay  a  deposit  of  around  5%  of  the  total  contract  price.  Never  pay  a  deposit  until  the  builder  has  given  you  a  certificate  of  currency  for  domestic  building  insurance  for  your  property.  This  insurance  will  cover  you  if  the  builderbecomes  insolvent  and  is  unable  to  proceed.

冷卻期  Cooling  off  period

某些州有法律冷卻期合同條款。冷卻期期間,通常為 5 個工作日,你可撤回合同,但您仍然可能需承擔建築商已經承擔的費用。

In  some  states,  there  is  a  Cooling  Off  period  in  the  contract  by  law.During  the  Cooling  Off  period,  usually  5  days,  you  are  able  to  withdraw  from  the  contract  but  you  may  still  be  liable  for  the  expenses  that  the  builder  has  already  incurred.


建商公司通常保留他們的設計圖與計畫權。如果你已簽署初始協議並支付部分費用, 你的住宅施工將不能交由第三方建商公司。

Building  companies  usually  own  the  copyright  to  their  home  designs  and  plans.  If  you  sign  aninitial  agreement  and  pay  for  a  particular  plan,  you  cannot  have  the  home  built  by  a  different  builder.


If  you  decide  not  to  proceed  to  construction  after  signing  aninitial  agreement,  the  building  contractor  may  be  able  to  keep  some  or  all  of  the  money  already  paid.

成本加成  Cost  Plus


 Have  you  checked  to  ensure  the  contract  is  not  ‘Cost  Plus’?  A  cost  plus  contract  allows  the  builder  to  recover  the  full  costs  of  materials,  supplies,  labour  and  overheads  plus  a  per-determined  builders  margin. 

成本加成合同的優點為允許建商優先使用優質的材料,配件和固定裝置,重質而後預   算。缺點為項目業主的不確定性,最終成本不容易掌握。如果你簽署"成本加成"合同, 你應事先充分了解後果。

An  advantage  of  a  Cost  Plus  contract  is  it  allows  you  to  purchase  materials,  fittings  and  fixtures  at  reduced  costs  or  to  focus  on  quality  rather  than  budget.  The  downside  is  the  uncertainty  to  the  project  owners,  because  the  final  cost  cannot  be  easily  determined.If  you  are  contemplating  signing  a  ‘Cost  Plus’  contract,  you  should  be  fully  aware  of  the  consequences.

拆除  Demolition


Areyou  planning  to  demolish  an  existing  home  to  build  new  or  just  knocking  down  part  of  a  structure  to  extend?  If  so  you  will  need  to  decide  whether  to  directly  employ  a  demolition  firm  or  to  include  the  work  in  your new  construction  contract.If  you  choose  to  arrange  your  own  demolition,  you  will  need  to  ensure  that  you  have  signed  off  on  all  the  new  build  contracts  before  you  start.



Before  any  demolition  can  beginyou  will  need  to  contact  your  Local  Council  and  obtain  a  Demolition  Permit  alongwith  the  Building  Permit  for  the  new  construction.You  may  also  need  to  consider  a  traffic  management  service  for  the  equipment  delivery  and  debris  removal  phases  of  the  project,  particularly  if  you  are  on  a  major  road.


If  you  have  employed  your  own  demolition  contractor,  they  should  be  insured  against  any  damage  to  your  neighbour’s  property  or  other  structures.  Ask  to  see  a  copy  of  the  contractor’s  Demolition  and  Indemnity  insurance  before  any  works  begin.



If  you  contract  your  builder  to  complete  the  demolition  works  they  will  undertake  all  these  tasks  on  yourbehalf.  Demolition  is  not  covered  by  the  Builder’s  Construction  Insurance  Scheme,  so  the  cost  should  not  be  included  in  the  Construction  Contract.


   6. 我的合同中有任何津貼嗎?  Is there any allowance in my contract?


Are  there  any  allowances  for  Prime  Cost  items  and  Provisional  Sums  items?If  so,  do  you  understand  the  meanings  of  the  terms?  

  • 基本項目僅提供材料。

  • 臨時總計項目提供材料和勞動成本。

  • Prime  Cost  items  are  for  supply  of  materials  only.

  • A  Provisional  Sum  Item  is  for  supply  of  materials  and  labour  cost.

你知道如何計算支付給建商的費用嗎?  Do  you  know  how  the  amounts  that  you  will  pay  to  your  builder  are  calculated?  


If  you  are  uncertain,  ask  your  builder  or  an  independent  consultant  to  explain  it  to  you.Temporary Total Project Temporary Total Projects are often mixed with basic projects.

臨時總計項目  Provisional  sum  items


 A  Provisional  Sum  is  used  whenthe  builder  cannot  give  an  exact  price  for  the  proposed  work  at  the  time  the  contract  is  signed.  It  is  quite  common  for  excavation  work  to  be  included  as  a  Provisional  Sum  item.  Be  aware  that  the  costs  could  rise  significantly,  for  example,  should  the  builder  list  Scaffolding  as  a  Provisional  Sum  and  the  project  is  delayed,  the  additional  cost  could  run  into  thousands.


Your  builder  must  make  a  reasonable  allowance  for  the  nature  and  location  of  the  building  site  when  estimating  supply  and  delivery  in  the  contract  price.  As  an  example,  your  builder  must  reasonably  allow  for  transport  costs  if  you  are  building  on  a  rural  property.If  reasonably  possible,  do  not  agree  to  provisional  sum  items  as  they  can  make  your  final  cost  higher.

Rock  Clause  –This  is  a  standard  clause,  which  is  unavoidable  unless  the  builder  inserts  a  hefty  ‘Contingency  Sum’  in  their  costings.  If  Rock  is  uncovered  during  excavation  you  will  need  to  pay  more  money,  so  be  prepared.


   7. 我是否擁有版權?  Do I own the copyright?



If you do not own the copyright of the house, you will be marked as "loss of profits"


如果你對你的設計圖不擁有版權,那麼當你決定使用該設計並與其他建商合作時,你將承擔版權所有者的“利潤損失”。這包括設計理念; 所以重新設計的設計將不能保護您免於法律訴訟。

If  you  do  not  own  the  Copyright  to  your  design  you  will  be  liable  for  a  ‘Loss  of  Profit’  to  the  Copyright  Owner  should  you  decide  to  use  the  design  and  build  with  someone  else.    


This  includes  Design  Ideas;  so  getting  a  design  redrawn  will  not  protect  you  from  legal  action.There  are  many  instances  of  Building  Companies  providing  designs  to  Clients  who  then  take  those  designs  to  another  Builder  and  sign  a  contract  for  a  lower  price.    This  practice  is  illegal  in  Australia  and  can  result  in  legal  action  for  damages  as  well  as  yourconstruction  being  halted.

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