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據域報導,報告披露了2016年昆州房價升幅最大的公立中小學校區,儘管去年布里斯班市區房價增長下降了3.5%,但昆州東南部最熱門中小學校區的房價增長卻達到19 %至40%之間。

其中上升最快的是Logan Reserve State School校區,房價在過去12個月狂漲40%,即使在全澳小學校區房升值最快的前十位中,也高居第二位。中位價從42.68 萬澳元升至59.75萬澳元。

當地房產代理Christopher Liu將原因歸功於區內獨特的半農村風貌景觀。“在過去15個月,很多開發商對這一個表現出興趣,紛紛前來購置資產。現成的房子也吸引了很多喜 鄉鎮環境的買家。


中位價從70.5萬澳元上升到84萬澳元,這一校區包括Noosa Heads,Sunshine Beach,Sunrise Beach,Noosaville和Tewantin。

Domain集團首席數據專家Nicola Powell說,住在哪裡很可能會影響到孩子是否能夠成功申請入讀理想的學校,因此學區房總是受到父母們的青睞。


家庭選擇學校的因素是多方面的且因人而異,除了考慮學校的教育質量,還會考慮房價,個人喜好等等。而與此同時,房價也受很多因素的影響。據我們了解,學校 對於房價的影響大概在10%到15%之間。

布里斯本還有一些頂尖 學校也位列學區房價增速排行榜,其中包括West End State School(房價增長了21.7%),Birsbane State Hight School (增長了11.1%)以及Indooroopilly State Hight School(增長了9.6%)

House prices in some Queensland state school zones rise by up to 40 per cent

House prices have skyrocketed by up to 40 per cent in some of Queensland’s state school catchment zones, a new report has found.

With the new school year just underway, the Domain Group has released its annual school zones report, uncovering the primary and secondary government school catchment zones that have experienced the highest house price growth rates in 2016.

Despite a 3.5 per cent decrease in Brisbane city price growth last year, top performing primary and secondary catchment areas in southeast Queensland have seen between 19 and 40 per cent growth in prices.

Out of the top 10 primary school catchment zones for house price growth in Australia, Logan Reserve State School ranked second, recording a staggering 40 per cent growth over the past 12 months.

The median price within that catchment zone, which takes in the suburb of Logan Reserve only, has risen from $426,799 to $597,500.

Local real estate agent Christopher Liu attributed Logan Reserve’s growth to its unique semi-rural landscape.

“Over the past 15 months or so we’ve had a lot of interest from developers who are buying up acreage properties here to subdivide,” he said.

“But even the established housing is doing so well; we’re getting a lot of interest from people who want that country town feel with all the amenities on hand.”

Sunshine Beach State High was the only Queensland secondary school to feature in the top 10 secondary school zones for price growth, up 19.1 per cent over the past 12 months.

The median price in that catchment zone, which includes affluent suburbs such as Noosa Heads, Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach, Noosaville and Tewantin, has risen from $705,000 to $840,000.

Domain Group chief data scientist Nicola Powell said the boundaries of school catchment zones were often a “critical factor” in the property decision making process for parents, influencing where a child can be enrolled.

“Usually house price growth is reported based on capital cities and suburbs but when school catchment zones are overlaid with Domain’s property market data, it paints a whole new picture of price trends that may be useful for parents or investors on the property journey,” Dr Powell said.

“A school can be considered desirable for many reasons, often which are personal and unique to the family, but Domain’s School Zone Report paints a whole new picture around supply and demand.

“This is looking at price growth in a different way; making sure you have as much information as possible.”

Ms Powell said while the data did not necessarily always correlate with the “best-performing” schools according to academic results, there was sometimes a relationship between high house price growth and catchment zones.

“While there’s many factors that can influence price growth in a certain area, we know from anecdotal feedback from both agents and parents that a desirable school zone can influence prices by up to 10 to 15 per cent,” she said.

Some of Brisbane’s best performing schools made the top 10 list for catchment zone house price growth, including West End State School (up 21.7 per cent), Brisbane State High School (up 11.1 per cent) and Indooroopilly State High School (up 9.6 per cent).


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