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 2~4 房 2.5 衛 1~2 車    |  起售價 AU $770,000

We prioritised active and spacious living, opting for a design that encourages a healthy lifestyle, something that buyers in the area truly appreciate in their day-to-day activities. From a number of public parks, a community garden, an outdoor swimming pool, BBQ, entertainment facilities and mindful pedestrian networks, it provides an open and socially connected environment. 



 4 房 2 衛 2 車    |  起售價 AU $870,000

Taringa is very convenient to live in this area. From here you can walk to Toowong or Indooroopily shopping malls and train stations. You can also choose to take a bus for around 10 minutes.


West End

3 房 2 衛 2 車   |   起售價 AU $975,000 

Each room has been considered to enhance natural light whilst creating flexibility for the evolving needs of modern life. The design allows for full-floor living spaces, generously sized bedrooms and an abundance of storage.

每間都房間的設計都是提高自然光,同時給現代生活的不斷變化的需求提升創造靈活性。 該設計讓全層樓層的生活空間,提供寬敞的臥室和豐富的存儲空間。


3 房 3 衛 2 車   |   起售價 AU $750,000 

These two remarkable townhomes feel secluded and luxurious.Each exceptional home has been cleverly designed to encompass natural light and contemporary living solutions including a private outdoor terrace provinding the perfect living space.

兩個令人驚嘆的永久居所聯排別墅  Two x Stunning Freehold Townhomes


Everton Park

3 房 3 衛 2 車   |   起售價 AU $598,000 起

Wake up every morning and let the beautiful natural breeze wash through your home, while you walk onto your stunning deck or down to the outdoor pool for a relaxing pre-work dip. Our secluded pool is made both for a peaceful getaway where you can let go of the day’s worries, and a practical haven for your children to burn some energy and make the most of the gorgeous Queensland sunshine.

每天早上醒來,讓我們美麗的自然風吹過你的家,當你走到你的家令人驚嘆的甲板或戶外游泳池放鬆工作前傾盆大雨。 我們的僻靜的水池是為一個平靜的度假,你可以放鬆的一天的擔憂,及實用的為你的孩子花掉一些精力充沛華麗的昆士蘭陽光。


3 房 2 衛 1 車   |   起售價 AU $345,950

摩登聯排別墅,日益增長的 Kallangur 郊區,位於 Moreton Bay Region 莫頓灣地區內。離 Bruce Highway 布魯斯高速公路僅 5 分鐘車程,40 分鐘路程到布里斯班中央商務區,60 分鐘到美麗的黃金海岸。聯排別墅戶型皆為 3 房 2 衛浴 1 上鎖車庫含遙控鑰匙,樓下含一獨立廁所與私人後院。有涼爽泳池設施,近政府行政部門與自然森林。戶型提供開放式格局客廳和餐廳,現代化廚房附不鏽鋼廚具,寬敞臥室鋪有地毯與入牆式衣櫃。所有聯排別墅亦設有反向循環空調,連結生活空間、主臥室、現代浴室和藝術外牆。為昆士蘭州增長最快的郊區之一,從時尚的設計和設施到優越的地理位置,是您必看的房地產項目。

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